Google’s disavow tool finally launched and where are .COMs going? – Your links from around the web, 18 October

Google’s disavow tool finally launched and where are .COMs going? – Your links from around the web, 18 October

Posted October 18th, 2012by Tim at Flippa 16 Comments

Google: Disavow tool finally launched, forget about SEO, and track phone calls from Adwords

Google has finally launched their much-awaited disavow tool. Google search head Matt Cutts warned users that the tool is in its infancy, but, ”If you believe your site’s ranking is being harmed by low-quality links you do not control, you can ask Google not to take them into account when assessing your site.” With this move Google joins Bing, who launched a similar tool a number of months ago which proved popular with the search engine-alternative. We know several of our users were anxious to try out this tool; let us know how it goes.

An ex-Google employee has come out and publicly said, “to please Google with your SEO, forget about SEO.” Search Engine Land has published a story on the former staffer in the hope that, “search marketers and webmasters understand a little better how Google views certain SEO strategies and tactics”. Google has stated that the former staffer’s comments aren’t exactly correct. We’re not sure if they are just covering their behind but it makes for some very interesting reading.

If you use Google Adwords for your business you can now track phone calls generated by Adwords. Users have been able to do something similar to this for a while, but starting this week Google claims the process has been simplified and enhanced. If you are running an Adwords campaign with a phone number, you’ll now get greater insight on what is working and what isn’t. Power to you.

Record year for online ads, are .COMs dead? Plus, killer link building tools

It’s been a big year for online ads, in fact the biggest ever. Mashable reports that online ads hit a new record with revenue for the first half of 2012 hitting $17 billion, or $2.83 million a month. The sector is up 14% from last year, which given the current state of the global economy is pretty remarkable.

Has the market moved beyond .coms? A recent report showed that the growth rate for the king of domains is slowing. Some in the business have called this a “troubling trend” but looking at the numbers it’s not all bad news. Domain Name Wire has analysed the reports and has included some interesting forecasting

Our friends at SitePoint have published a guide to 5 “killer’ link building tools every SEO strategist should use. Link building is increasingly important as you all know. If they’ve forgotten anything, let them know!


Why you should use G+ for SEO and how to use Instagram for business

Google+ might just be the best social network to improve your SEO. There’s no doubt that Google have worked to ensure Google+ is very high up on any search result, so how can you capitalise on this? SEOMoz has published 10 super simple tips to make the most of Google’s (abandoned?) social network.

Move over Pinterest: the next big thing your business needs is an Instagram account. Social Media Examiner has taken a look at 10 ways you can use the photo sharing app for your business. Common themes are showcasing your product, your team and your brand. Since Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram the company has become increasingly mainstream with everyone from teens to big business using it. After some research, many said StarbucksQantas and AirAsia are three of the best corporate users of Insagram.

Flippa doesn’t have an Instagram account yet, but we are on Google Plus

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